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Calf Muscle Tears

Similar to a tear of rupture of the Achilles tendon but occurring higher up the back of the leg, calf tears can be instantaneous or accumulative, and will herald its presence with sudden pain, swelling or bruising at the site and even an audible ‘Pop’.

These tears are graded in severity form 1 to 3 which can also serve as a measure for treatment and recovery times. While a Grade 1 rupture can potentially heal within 4-8 weeks of receiving correct management, a Grade 3 tear might take up to 4 months or require surgical intervention, in some cases.

With any injury, our primary goal is to reduce pain; massage, manipulations and mobilisations can all be utilised to bring this about swiftly whilst restoring maximum levels of movement while targeted rehabilitation exercises will increase strength in the relevant muscle. We will also consider your distinct biomechanics to establish and counter any further predisposing factors.